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Get Accurate Core Temperatures Every Time!

Mousse on empty pouch
Mousse on empty pouch
Mousse on empty pouch

Take the guesswork out of sous vide slow cooking with RHINOPAC's exclusive Mousse Turbigomme system

Get the assurance of an accurate sous vide core temperature every time with our new Mousse Tubigomme system. Now you can be sure of a constant temperature for sous pork bellies, lamb shanks and other slow cooked foods.

RHINOPAC Mousse Turbigomme is a heat resistant self-adhesive closed cell foam supplied in 10 metre rolls. A patch, 20mm square x 6mm thick, can be cut from the roll in preparation for usage.


  • Simply apply the Mousse Turbigomme patch to the centre of a sous vide pouch.
  • Fill and process the contents as normal. When required, insert a 1.5mm high temperature probe connected to a digital thermometer to get an accurate core temperature reading throughout the cooking process.
  • Withdraw the probe. The Mousse Turbigomme patch self seals to prevent leakage.

A specially selected digital thermometer and a high temperature mineral insulated probe complete this exclusive RHINOPAC product. Please note: any probe used with RHINOPAC Mousse Turbigomme must be 1.5mm maximum shaft.

What our customers say:

'Core temperature is everything in slow cooking - you must get it right. RHINOPAC's Mousse Turbigomme has eliminated all the guesswork in our sous vide. We find this product accurate, reliable and easy to use - it tells us exactly what we need to know every time'
Eric Chavet.
Executive Chef, The Capital Hotel, Knightsbridge

per 10 metre roll of RHINOPAC Mousse Turbigomme £28.60 + VAT

Mineral Insulated 1.5mm Probe £39.00 + VAT

Battery powered Thermometer £75.40 + VAT

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